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Ministerial Statement

2023 JANUARY 24

Madam Speaker, this ministerial statement is intended to publicly set the record straight, to correct the untruths espoused by the Leader of the Opposition, and to update this Honourable House and the people of Jamaica on the status of the Constitutional Reform Committee.

Final Ministry Paper No. 24/2024

2024 May 21

The Report of the Constitutional Reform Committee on the transition to the republic of Jamaica and other matters.

Statement by Minister on The Bail Bill

2022 0CTOBER 5

I am pleased to advise this Honourable House that the long-awaited BAIL BILL has been tabled today…

Statement by Minister on The Role & Work of the Newly Established Ministry

2022 JANUARY 18

On January 10, 2022, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the creation of the new Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs (MLCA)…

Update on implementation of reforms to improve the legislative process and the progress of legislation for the 2022/2023 legislative year

2022 December 6

The Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs has been mandated to address the slow pace of legal reform in the public sector.

Statement by Minister to the House of Representatives

2022 December 13

The purpose of this statement is to correct a misstatement of the law, which has misled members of the public, on when Emergency Regulations take effect.