Nadine Wilkins

Nadine Wilkins is an attorney-at-law who has been in practice for over twenty years and who has held senior legal posts with the Governments of Jamaica and Grenada. She holds a Master of Laws Degree with specialization in Commercial and Corporate Law.

Armed with well-honed research and writing skills, she relishes the work of examining laws and recommending their reform. The work of Legal Reform resulted in exposure to every area of the law from determining its provenance to considering its relevance in today’s society. She has assisted many departments of Government to formulate policy, having regard to the mischief that is to be addressed.

Prior to embarking on a career in law, Ms. Wilkins immersed herself in historical research at the National Library of Jamaica, having read for both the Bachelor and the Master of Arts Degree in History. The numerous research assignments undertaken by her provided a significant foundation in research and writing.

A considerable ground for knowledge gathering was the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies where she served as Projects Officer for over 12 years and that assignment provided a unique opportunity to be involved in developmental projects on other islands in the region.

After serving as a Crown Counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers in the Ministry of Legal Affairs in Grenada, she joined the public service in Jamaica in a legal capacity in 2008 when she was appointed as Senior Legal Officer in the Ministry of Finance. She then moved on to being Deputy Director of Legal Reform in the Legal Reform Department (LRD) of the Ministry of Justice where she is now the Director. The LRD now falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs.